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Below are some recent testimonials from satisfied customers

Treatment and Prevention of Rats

Date 06/08/2017

From: Miss Andi, Swindon

"He talked us through everything and put out minds at ease. He was very helpful and I couldn't fault him."

Pest Prevention Visit

From: Mrs S Gassmann, Swindon

Date 20/11/2017

"Phil (the Pest controller) has been fantastic. Always on call at a phone call. 100% helpful and committed - would recommend without doubt."

Mouse Prevention

From: Miss Rita, Swindon

Date 30/11/2017

"Very polite and caring customer service. Made me feel better about my fear and the situation. Amazing."

Mouse Prevention

From: Mr K Rafuo, Swindon

Date 17/01/2018

"Fantastic service, great value and Phil is very friendly. Would definitely recommend."

Noises in the attic

From: Mrs Ferguson, Abingdon

Date 17/01/2018

"I phoned Phil first thing in the morning and he arranged to investigate the same day of which I was very relieved. He arrived exactly at the time he'd said and went straight into the attic checking all areas thoroughly. Once he had checked and reassured me that it wasn't rats, but mice he treated the area and will come back in two weeks to check. He assured me if I have any concerns before that he will come straight back. Phil was a very nice man, very polite and courteous. I would definitely recommend him to others and will use him again if I have any other issues."

Mouse Prevention

From: Miss Morrison, Swindon

Date 27/01/2018

"Very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with."

Review of A Potential Rat Problem

From: Mrs Carruthers, Swindon

Date 07/02/2018

"Responsive, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly."

Pest Control

From: Ms T. Wilmot, Swindon

Date 23/02/2018

"Top 5 star service. Very professional and quick response."

Mouse Prevention

From: Mr S Knowles, Swindon

Date 01/03/2018

"Quick response, very professional, listens to what you say, excellent service helpful and friendly."